Bulb Eater Machine – Cost


The Air Cycle Bulb Eater® Machine is one of the most efficient light bulb crushers on the market. It is designed to properly dispose of fluorescent light bulbs onsite which reduces disposal costs, storage costs, and increases operator safety. Akon is a proud distributor of the Bulb Eater® Lamp Recycling Machine and offers the lowest cost available.




Key Bulb Eater Benefits

  • Greatly Reduce Storage Hassles – With each 55 gallon drum holding 1350 T8 48” lamps, you will only need a fraction of your original storage space. The Bulb Eater® is designed to reduce cost and save space.
  • Reduce Bulb Handling – Only handle spent bulbs once. Move the Bulb Eater® into position where the spent lamps are located and begin crushing. You can save about 20 man hours of labor for every 1000 bulbs versus boxing them.
  • Create A Safe Work Environment – On average, two to three percent of accidental lamp breaks occur while boxing spent lamps. This accidental breaking releases harmful mercury. The Air Cycle Bulb Eater® only has a .001% emission rate for mercury vapor. That is so low, that is almost undetectable.



Complete Bulb Eater Machine Price List

To receive your Air Cycle Bulb Eater® Machine Cost Price Sheet click the yellow button below. This price sheet will includes some of the most common components purchased. We offer one of the lowest prices available for the Bulb Eater and can provide all of the information and features that you require.


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