Fluorescent Light Bulb Crusher


The Fluorescent Light Bulb Crusher is a unique machine which is designed to crush your spent light bulbs into tiny fragments for a less expensive disposal option than manually packing them.

The crusher also filters out 99.99% of the harmful mercury which is contained within each of the fluorescent light bulbs.

The powerful onboard vacuum sucks the bulb into the machine and does not allow the harmful mercury escape until it is filtered.

Light Bulb Crusher 45 Degree Chute Bulb Crusher in Operation Light Bulb Crusher Controller Light Bulb Crusher Top View 




  • Crushes all straight bulbs
  • Crushes U-Shaped bulbs (Model VRSU only)
  • Crushes a 48” fluorescent bulb in only 1 second
  • Reduce recycling costs by 50%
  • Reduce injuries of accidental cuts while packing out bulbs
  • Captures all of the mercury vapor inside the fluorescent light bulb

Did You Know?

  • Received the "Top 100 Product" by Buildings Magazine
  • 3% of bulb breaks occur during packaging
  • Featured in the prestigious Wall Street Journal
  • Currently more than 5,100 Bulb Crushers in use today
  • You can reduce your storage space by at least 80%
  • You can save at least 20 man hours per 1,000 bulbs

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Fluorescent Light Bulb Crusher Benefits

  • Reduce storage – Once the lamps are crushed they can easily be stored in 55 gallon drums which you can then more easily store and stack. Each drum will hold approximately 1349 48” bulbs!
  • Minimize dangerous handling – The more the lamps are held, the more likely they are to break in the hands of the worker. Once a break occurs, the sharp edges of the glass can slice deep into the handlers hand or arm which is both dangerous and expensive in regards to medical bills.

  • Drastically reduce costs – Manually packing each and every bulb into a box is both expensive and time consuming. This is especially true for facilities with hundreds or thousands of bulbs. The fluorescent light bulb crusher can do in one second what would take a manual packer much much longer. Typical savings are about one dime to one dollar per bulb.

  • Capture harmful vapors – Mercury vapor is released every time a fluorescent bulb is crushed or broken. If you are not using our bulb crusher, then that vapor will be released into the atmosphere and inhaled by the associate(s).



Safety Features

It is safer to package lamps using the bulb crusher than it is to manually package spent lamps. In fact, the light bulb crusher uses a 3 Stage Filtration that keeps your work environment clean from harmful vapors.

  • Stage 1 – Bag Filter
    Filters the largest particles from the crushed bulb.
Stage 1 Filter
  • Stage 2 – H.E.P.A. Filter 
    Every bulb crusher includes a side mounted filtration system that removes dust particles and mercury vapors.
Stage 2 Filter
  • Stage 3 – Carbon Filter 
    The carbon filter, which is located inside the steel canister, will last as long as long as the life of the crusher. The carbon filter neutralizes the mercury vapor which is released by the bulb when it is crushed.
Stage 3 Filter


Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What do we do with the 55 gallon drum once it is filled with crushed glass?

A: Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our national recycling companies which will come pick up the filled 55 gallon drums.

Question – What do I do with the filters once they are filled with mercury?

A: You simply throw them on top of the crushed glass and seal the 55 gallon drum. The pick up company recycles them at their facility.

Question – Doesn’t the mercury escape during crushing?

A: Even after crushing 1500 lamps, studies on the machine have shown non-detectable levels of mercury emissions. This far exceeds OSHA standards and requirements.

Question - Why does the machine have different feed chutes?

A: The machine features different diameter feed chutes to ensure that the bulbs you are crushing do not break before they enter the machine. Using the correct sized feed chute ensures that the bulbs do not "shake" when entering the vacuum suctioned chute. For instance, if you are crushing T12" 1.5" diameter bulbs, then you will want to use a T12 entry tube as it is sized for that diameter bulb.

Question – Where do I get new filters once the filters that come with the crusher are filled?

A: You can contact Akon and we will provide you with additional filters.





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