Fluorescent Light Disposal Machine

by crushandshred on December 7, 2009

Fluorescent Light Disposal Machine Using the Akon fluorescent light disposal machine results in many environmental benefits by reducing pollution that results from broken fluorescent lights. Mercury is a toxic metal that is a critical component of all fluorescent lights that are produced today. When these lamps break, as a result of packing, storing, transporting or disposal, the majority of the mercury is released into the atmosphere. This mercury is then inhaled by any human who is within close range of the breakage. In addition, mercury accidentally released from broken lamps can get into the water system and then into the fish and water that we eat and drink.

Fluorescent light disposal machine benefits

There are other benefits to using the light disposal machine in addition to helping the environment. These benefits include saving your company money and increasing the safety of your workers. Below, we have highlighted some key points which our customers have discussed as reasons and justifications for using the fluorescent light disposal machine.

  • Saves Time – Manually packing each and every spent light bulb into a cardboard box is very time consuming. In fact, if you were to manually pack a thousand bulbs forfluorescent light disposal machine a large project, the time savings of using the light bulb disposal machine would be enormous. Considering that it only takes about 1 second to crush a 48" long bulb. Compare this with the man hours required to "carefully" place each and every bulb into a box, tape it up after it is full, properly label it, move it to storage, and then coordinate its removal.
  • Saves Money – Placing up to 1500 fluorescent light bulbs into a 55 gallon drum is a lot more economical than purchasing all of the required boxes, packing materials, tape, labels, and other items required to store them in boxes.
  • Saves Storage Space – Storing all of the boxes required to hold all of the hundreds and maybe thousands of bulbs is expensive and not very flexible to the company. Consider the fact that one 55 gallon drum holds up to 1500 crushed bulbs and requires very little space to store it. Now consider the space required to store all of the boxes, which also have to be handled twice since eventually they will have to be shipped out once they accumulate. It is much easier, to ship out a few 55 gallon drums that hundreds of boxes.
  • Improves Safety – Placing glass bulbs, which are very delicate and can break very easily, into cardboard containers, can result in breakage. This broken glass can then cut the worker, sometimes quite deeply and seriously. However, using a fluorescent light disposal machine can eliminate these accidents. With the light disposal machine, the operator is not exposed to the excessive handling of the light bulbs. As a result, accidents are reduced which prevents worker injury and any potential litigation that could be brought forth onto the company that associate works for.

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