Fluorescent Light Tube Crusher and Recycler

by crushandshred on November 16, 2009

Fluorescent Light Tube Crusher Disposing of spent fluorescent light tubes is not that hard with the use of our Fluorescent Light Tube Crusher and Recycler. In fact, it is much more efficient than manually packing each and every bulb into an individual disposal container. With the use of the Fluorescent Light Tube Crusher and Recycler you can quickly and easily dispose of bulbs which are no longer needed or being replaced by more efficient bulbs. The fluorescent light tube crusher is designed to fit on top of on-site drums which collect the crushed light tubes and make hauling them away very easy.

Benefits of the fluorescent light tube crusherfluorescent-light-tube-crusher

  • Reduces accidental breakage
  • Minimize the storage space required to store un-crushed light tubes
  • Reduce injury to workers who get cut from broken glass
  • Reduce costly boxes which have to be used to pack out the lamps
  • Handles crushes fluorescent light tubes of many shapes and sizes
  • Filters out harmful mercury which can damage human lungs

The light tube crusher can handle u-shaped bulbs in addition to the more traditional straight bulbs. This is accomplished with an adapter which is included in the premium  model. This adapter is mounted to the top of the crusher and then allows the crushing of the u-shaped bulbs in as little as 1 second per bulb.
The light tube crusher is also very safe and can be operated without the use of safety mask ventilators. In fact, the filtration system works so well, it will filter out 99.99% of the mercury and other dust contaminants that are contained within the lamps. This filter which is designed to work much like a vacuum works, meets and exceeds OSHA, NIOSH and ACGIH  standards.

Crush and recycle light tubes to benefit the environment

There are about 45 million fluorescent tubes and bulbs that are thrown into the garbage each and every month. While this amounts to a lot of trash for the environment, the bigger problem is the mercury that is held within the lights. This vapor is released every time the bulbs are crushed. In fact, all the bulbs will be eventually crushed as they make their way to the landfill. This results in an enormous amount of mercury which is released into the environment.

Our solution to this problem is to crush the light tubes and make sure that the mercury is captured as soon as the lamps are broken open. The crusher will safely capture 99.99% of this vapor and ensure that it will not be breathed in by any human or animal.


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