Glass Bottle Crushing Machine

by crushandshred on April 1, 2010


Are you looking to reduce your volume of glass bottles? Then you can use our line of glass bottle crushing machines. These crushers are ideal for keeping your bar staff at the bar serving drinks, rather than running empty bottles back to the store room. One model is the Glasshopperâ„¢ glass bottle crusher which goes directly under the bar.

Bottle Crushing Machine Benefits

  • Reduce your empty bottle volume by as much as 80%
  • Reduce the amount of injuries from broken bottles
  • Decrease the amount of noise from clanking bottles in the back of your establishment
  • Keep your bartenders at the bar serving drinks which makes you money
  • Reduce the number of trips to the back of the store room


Why Use The Empty Glass Bottle Crushing Machine?

  1. You can free up a lot more space as the volume of the bottles is greatly reduced
  2. Reclaim space under the bar for profitable items that can be within an arms reach
  3. Free up your workers time by eliminating a boring task of bottle removal
  4. The glass bottle crushing machine will reduce the amount of pickups for empty bottles
Glass Crushing Machines


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