How To Get The Most Comfortable Underwear


Underwear is one of the most confidential piece of apparel which men possess. No other clothing gets as much closer to the body than an underwear does. So it is pretty much important that you carefully choose an underwear while buying a new pair of underwear.

If you look on the websites of some well-known online retailers of men’s underwear such as ABC underwear on their website i.e you will find that choice of underwear is just not limited to the boxers or briefs, but today a wide range of hybrid underwear have come into play which widens the choice for men.

With a wide range of underwear, it is likely that you might get confused and not able to decide which type of underwear is best for you or what should you buy.

So here is a guide on some of the best practices which you should consider while buying and wearing underwear.

Avoid Threadbare Underwear

We all know that what it is like to possess an apparel which is so much loved that it is worn and ragged beyond its limit. But in the case of underwear, if a single underwear is worn too much then holes start to form in it and it also looses support. So it is advisable that men should prefer buying a new underwear almost every six months. You should not feel bad about throwing away your old ones and buying a new pair whenever required.

Don’t Wear Cotton To Play Sports

We all know that cotton a good absorbent of sweat, but while playing games such as football or working out at the gym, it is not preferable to wear cotton underwear as it will absorb a significant amount of sweat and resulting the underwear into becoming waterlogged and uncomfortable. For such sweaty activities, men should consider wearing underwear which wicks the sweat away from your body while working out so that you do not feel uneasy.

Stay Away From Certain Styles

Some men are so enthusiastic about their underwear that they tend to try out various types of underwear. But it is believed that not every style will suit you as every body type is different and not every body type can carry all the styles of underwear. So it is preferable that you stay away from certain styles which your body cannot carry.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Something New

A lot of men prefer to wear a particular style of underwear on the regular basis as they have been wearing it for a very long time due to this they now don’t prefer wearing anything else. Sticking with a particular style of underwear may seem to be a good idea, but it is also preferable that men should also give a try to various other styles of underwear. Who knows you might find a better option than your current underwear style.

In The End

Choosing an ideal underwear has always been a personal aspect. With underwear being available in various styles, fabrics and comfort level men should consider buying a single pair of every style of underwear. This can prove to be vital in figuring out what’s the best and ideal for you.